Painting Contractor Marketing Tools

Marketing a painting contractor business is an easy task if you have the right marketing tools to get you ahead in business. It is important to take every opportunity available to promote your business.

Not every job will fall into your lap; it is vital to use the right marketing tools to get your next job.

One marketing tool for a painting contractor is to keep cards with you at all times and give them to everyone you meet. Give stacks to any friend that might be willing to help you, and have them leave them around town: showrooms, restaurants, stores and bulletin boards.

Create a letter series to get business. This marketing tool is extremely effective as you can reach hundreds of prospective customers through letterbox drops, or follow up on clients who have expressed an interest in the services you have to offer as a painting contractor.

It is very important to make your phone number jump off the page. Increase the font size and use a bold color like red. Studies show red is an action color and you want people to take action.

For a more formal approach go through the neighborhood and write down the address of the house that looks like they need painting. Houses that look freshly painted can be skipped if you are targeting exteriors.

Also, note things like decks on your notes for future mailings. For flyers to be really effective they need to be mailed a few times. I like to mail the same group of homes two flyers each mailed one week apart.

Follow up serious inquiries and sales leads with more than one piece of mail. An interest in the customer will lead to a customer’s interest in your business.

Always acknowledge when something nice is done for you with a thank you letter.

Offer clients a newsletter. A newsletter can be mailed every six months, every season or once a year. It can be a simple one-page update or a fancy, multi-dimensional media piece.

Whichever you choose, it should be a staple of your marketing efforts.

Again, newsletters update your information so customers know how to reach you; you can include new services that you are providing, new certifications that you or your staff acquire, etc. etc.

It is also a really good opportunity to remind your customers to send you referrals.

A newsletter is a good marketing tool as it keeps your name in front of the customers on a regular basis within a very positive context.